I started fostering for Jax's 3 months before I eventually received Leroy as a foster. I told myself to just enjoy fostering for awhile, and not to get too attached to any of my fosters. Well when I met Leroy I knew I couldn't give him up. He immediately felt like mine.

At first, he was scared of his own shadow. Any loud noise or something out of place would have him running to the next room. With some training and a lot of love, he has come a long way. He's much more confident and comfortable in his new home.

Leroy proves to me everyday that age is just a number when it comes to his energy. Keeping up with him is no easy feat. People are shocked when I tell them his age anytime we're at the dog park. They all assume he's still a puppy! I get the best of both worlds with Leroy, though. He's a blast to run around and play fetch with, but when I'm ready to relax, he's a pro at being a couch potato.

I really can't ask for a better dog when it comes to Leroy. He's brought so much love and companionship into my life. I'm so thankful to Jax's Rescue for introducing me to my Leroy.


A year ago we reached out to Jax’s to discuss fostering. Our family was not quite ready to commit to a new dog permanently, as we have two children under 10 and a 3 year old Labrador; But we WERE ready to help another animal in its journey to its forever home. The application was submitted and we waited. A few months later we had our home visit with a volunteer, Lisa, and determined what we were prepared to foster. Could we handle a senior dog? A dog with special needs? A dog who wasn’t house trained? A dog with aggression? Did we have preferences over sex or age? These were all discussed from the start and it helped lay the ground work for finding the “perfect” foster fit for our family. Within a few months, they had a match! It was exciting and we waited and prepared our family for the new temporary addition.



Oh how we love Howie!! After spotting him on Jax’s Facebook page we scheduled a meet and greet, where we discovered a match for our family.  A family of five is a lot to sniff out.  He accepted us and little did we know just how much he saved us.  He’s a big boy who loves to walk, snuggle and eat - just like us!  As we learned about him, he learned about us - each of us with our own traits.  Slowly we settled into a routine and the rest is history.  We are thankful to Jax Rescue, his fantastic foster mom Donna and the easy but thorough process to adopt Howie.


Eden has been a great addition to our family and always keeps us on our toes. She loves playing in the backyard, napping in the sun, and playing with her toys. After a long hard day she loves to nap on the couch and enjoy snuggles. We couldn’t imagine life without her in our home. Jax’s Lab Rescue made the process for adoption easy but also made she that we were all a perfect match for each other. Thank you for bringing Eden into our lives!


I tell the story about picking Will up on SuperBowl Sunday all the time. He’s such a special guy. We love him and can’t imagine life without him. He’s lively and very sweet, content to curl up next to us on the couch but just as likely to want a romp in the back yard. He’s a bit headstrong but not too inflexible. Definitely would not have appreciated a house with other dogs- our walks are spirited. But he’s perfect for us. The squirrels and birds along with any creature daring enough to visit our yard doesn’t stay for long . Will is hysterical- he sometimes tries to jump high enough to catch birds in flight!

But his rambunctious side is matched with his affectionate side. He loves following us from room to room and is terrific company
Last month he really showed us what a sweetheart he is. Mitch had both knees replaced right after Thanksgiving. We were a bit concerned with how he’d be when Mitch came home from the hospital. We were worried about him jumping etc. so I let him out before Mitch hobbled into the house and settled on the sofa in our den. Then I let Will in. He went straight to Mitch with great excitement. But the first thing he did was sniff around Mitch’s knees . He must have smelled the bandages and wounds.  Instantly- he settled down, sat beside Mitch and was gentle around him from then on. He’s been such an angel about it! Thank you so much for bringing Will into our lives!


I was looking for a companion for my then 10 year old lab, Lily, and went to an event to meet some of Jax's adoptable dogs. I knew right away that Sadie was the perfect fit. She was gentle with Lily and very good with all of the excitement going on around her! Adoption events can be stressful for dogs but she handled herself beautifully. I was so ecstatic when I found out that my application was approved and Lily and I went to pick Sadie up at her foster mom's a few weeks later. From the moment she walked in my front door, Sadie was home. She adjusted perfectly and she and Lily quickly became best friends. Sadie was picked up as a stray prior to being rescued by Jax's and even though we have no idea of her background, she has very good manners- she already knew "sit" and some other commands, she was great on a leash, and she was completely house trained. She is a total love bug and is great with other dogs and people. Adopting a senior dog was the best decision I have made and I couldn't have asked for a more lovable, sweeter, gentler dog than Sadie!


Shelby's original owner passed away and the second owner dropped her off at the shelter to be euthanized after she went blind from untreated glaucoma.  I had never fostered before and felt I could handle giving this girl up after her medical needs were met.  Boy, was I wrong! When it was decided the only way to ease her pain was to remove both eyes, I saw her through recovery and still thought Jax's could find her a good home.  After recovery I decided I could not give her up and have her face yet another change so I adopted her.  Was it easy dealing with a dog who once had sight for 8 yrs and then went blind and handle the adjustments she and I both had to learn.  Not at all.  It took a while for her to adjust to being blind, and a new home with 2 fur siblings and for me to loosen up on the apron strings so she can be a little more self sufficient  Notice I said loosen up on the apron strings, still have trouble cutting them but I have a feisty strong willed girl who shows me what determination can do.  She can make me smile with her stubbornness, make me cringe when she bumps into the wall and makes me happy when she jumps all over me and runs around in circles, literally bouncing off walls when I come home from work.  In going through the pictures I was moved to tears..sad tears for what she had to endure and happy tears for how blessed we both are for finding each other and lessons I have learned.


We had recently had to say good bye to our older male Great Dane and our female Great Dane lost her security blanket.  Because we knew Spot was getting older, we had decided to bring in a younger dog for Angie so the transition of losing him wouldn’t be as traumatic.  We wanted a smaller dog as we wanted a doggie we could pick up if we needed and we knew that 100+ Great Danes weren’t going to fit that requirement!

I contacted Lisa and she told me Jax’s had just brought in 4 lab/golden mix puppies.  She was fostering one of them so we went over to meet her.  It was love at first sight and we adopted this sweet, little 3 month old yellow girl who we named Krimpet.  She is fearless and loved taking on both Danes at the same time!  Unfortunately, Spot passed away sooner than we thought so Angie had to take the full brunt of Krimpet’s exuberant puppy energy.

Because of this, we knew we had to do something to help Angie not be so stressed out by the puppy.  For those who might not know, 4 yr old Great Danes CANNOT keep up with 9 month old lab puppies!!!!  My husband and I didn’t want 3 dogs again so we decided to foster.  When I contacted Lisa about our decision to foster, she told me she was bringing in a puppy mill breeder dog that weekend and needed a foster home for her.  We decided we would be that foster home.

We met Lisa on a rainy Saturday in December and picked up the dirtiest, smelliest, saddest looking dog that had obviously never been bathed or had her nails cut, or shown any affection her entire life!  The more information we got on her, the worse we found out her life had been.  We found out she had never received any vaccinations, lived outside in an oversized rabbit hutch her entire life, and just had litter after litter of puppies!  She had had so many litters that her belly practically touched the ground.  She had so many untreated ear infections, that she has bilateral cauliflower ears which have impacted her hearing.

Once we bathed her and got her home, we started to see Madison’s personality come out.  The longer we fostered her, the more we fell in love with her!  She fell in love with Krimpet right away.  We figure since Krimpet is still a puppy and Madison had her babies taken away from her time and time again, she feels like she finally has a baby to raise.  Angie and Madison hit it off right away.  The two of them like laying together and just relaxing.  Angie is much happier now because Madison and Krimpet play all the time.  Madison loves having a ‘puppy’ to keep, to mother and play with.  Angie loves it because she can play with Krimpet when she wants to instead of all the time!  Madison is the sweetest most happy-go-lucky dog you could ever meet!

Needless to say, we have wound up adopting Madison and it was the best decision we could have made:-). Madison loves sleeping in bed with us at night.  She loves having toys to play with and dog beds to lay on.  She has figured out that furniture also makes for soft comfy beds!  For a dog who never knew the creature comforts of home, she has sure settled in nicely.

The more rescue work I do, the more I see how horribly some humans treat other species of the animal kingdom.  Yet Madison is the perfect example of how, even when humans have done her wrong for her first 5 years of life, she is still so open and trusting and loving of all humans.  She loves everyone she meets and greets everyone with her always wagging tail.


After discussing it forever, my husband Mick and I finally agreed it was time to adopt a dog. Since we would be first-time dog owners, our list of requirements was on the longer side-we needed someone who would be tolerant of our rookie mistakes (and our cats and chickens.)

Over our first few visits with Hank, it was obvious he was all in-from dawn to dusk, all he is ever interested in is love. We were still a little uncertain-he's a big guy, and we didn't want to make any mistakes. Sharon and the staff at Jax's were so very accommodating with every question or concern, and made sure we were prepared and had proper expectations.

We hit some shoals when Hank moved in-while he loves everyone, our cats did not return the sentiment. Once more, Sharon and Jax's staff were so helpful with answering questions, offering guidance, and giving training lessons. Over the past year everyone has done a lot of growing, and it is amazing that this brown dog has only been in our life for 13 months-he's such an important part of it now!

Mick and I are so grateful for the support and guidance provided by Jax's rescue, and, of course, for Hank. While we had always talked about getting a dog, I was not prepared for just how much this guy has changed our family for the better-with his figure-8 wags, his 'happy dance' when he gets a new toy, and how he leans on our legs in just the right way when we've had a bad day. We often joke about how we could never give him as much love as he gives us-he is a complete joy, charming even the most stoic of hearts-we have so much gratitude for our 90-lb smoocher.


Clark, a tall skinny black lab formerly known as Rutherford, came to us as a foster in March of 2017.  He was a sad doggie with his tail always between his leg and in need of some TLC.  At an estimated age of 10 years old, he was found as a stray with many skin appendages on his paws and very bad hind legs.  Thankfully Jax’s pulled him from the shelter and he found his way to our home.  My two resident doggies were hesitant at first with Clark but soon enough they became fast friends.  Clark’s appendages were successfully removed and he was put on pain meds for his hind leg.  His walks in the park continued to strengthen his hind legs and one day he surprised us by going up the stairs – something he couldn’t do before. As each day passed, he got stronger and his tail began to wag more and more.  We finally realized that he had adopted us and had no plan on searching any further for his forever home.  He had already found it!  He worked his way into our hearts with his sweet and loving nature.  Now that strong wagging tail knocks things off tables and thumps against the walls.  I love that sound – it is the sound of a happy dogging.  Thank you Jax’s for bringing Clark home!