You can’t change a dog’s past, but you could rewrite their future!


Hi my name is Laddy and here is my story so far:

Laddy… Timestamped!



July 27th, 2019

I am what you call a rescue dog and boy was I rescued at the last minute.  Whew that was a close one!!!  You see I was scheduled to be put to sleep in a scary shelter because they are so overcrowded and there are so many homeless dogs like me.  Jax’s took a chance on me and gave me a new lease on life.  I wish I could tell you more about my story other than I was found on the streets and someone took me to the scary shelter.  I was sick with a nasty respiratory infection and have some skin and ear issues going on.  Also my back leg looks like maybe it was broken and of course I know the story but unfortunately I cannot talk to let my rescuers know what happened to me but I am very happy that they found me.  I am being temporarily fostered with two very nice ladies because I am highly contagious and need to stay away from other pets to keep them healthy.  The good thing is I am the only dog in my foster home and I get very spoiled.  I will be moving to my new foster when I am all better. I am going go get spoiled now so I will talk to you later.

Getting Busy

July 30th, 2019

Laddy here! I have been very busy getting better and being spoiled.  My foster mom has been giving me lots of treats and I am taking all my meds like a good boy.  I am just hanging with my foster mom and getting better.

I met my neighbor’s dogs through a fence and I really want to play with them.  They keep staring at me.  I see lots of squirrels in the yard and the trees and they really get my attention if you know what I mean.

I go to the vet tomorrow, yikes!!  Wish me luck!

Went to the Vet

July 31st, 2019

Well I went to the vet and they gave me more meds for my doggy cold and checked me out head to tail.  I have some hair lost and some itchy skin so I heard I am coming home with some shampoo to help with that.  Other than that all looks good.  Can’t wait to have spa days twice a week and get shampooed.

Took a Bath

August 9th, 2019

Just got done taking a bath, not a huge fan but I tolerated it.  I thought it was going to be more like a spa treatment but oh well you got to do what you got to do.  I did get brushed and belly rubs when I was done so I guess that was pretty spa likeJ  Foster mom says I am a good listener and like to sit for treats.  I love going on my walks every day and seeing what is going on in the neighborhood.  I walk very well on the harness.  Foster mom noticed that my one back leg is a little crooked almost like it was broken.  Wish I could tell her what happened to it.  We will get it checked out the next time I go to the vet for this thing called neutering.  Not sure what that is but hopefully it doesn’t hurt.  I am all better now and leaving for my new foster home on Sunday.  Cannot wait to meet herJ

New Foster Mom

August 11th, 2019

Today I got to take a ride to my new foster mom’s house.  She has two dogs and a big fenced in yard for me to play in.  My meeting with the two other dogs went well.  I really didn’t pay much attention to them but was ok with them being around.  One is really big and the other is really small.  I am somewhere in the middle, lol.  Well I am going to go in and check out my new home and my  new yard and will be back to let you know how it goes.  Talk to you later!!

Getting Spoiled

August 13th, 2019

Ok so my new foster home is awesome too.  Like my last foster she is spoiling me and giving me cheese.  I love cheese.  She is trying to hide my pills in there but I am not dumb and I spit them out.  We are working out a way to get me to take these yucky pills.  I am pretty smart so she will need to come up with something better than cheese.  Don’t tell her I said that otherwise I won’t get any more cheese!

Boy was I tired last night. I slept through the night. Foster mom had to go to work today and leave me here so I get to stay in my own bedroom with the door closed.  I am not too fond of the crate just yet but she said she will try.  Maybe I can get used to it, we will see.  Foster mom has a dog walker coming in the middle of the day so I can get out and stretch my legs and go potty and of course get some yummy treats.  I really like her.  I like all the people I have met since getting out of jail.   The dog walker said I did really well today.    Foster mom came home from work and all was good in my room.  I was very happy to see her.  I am still being kept separate from her dogs until I have some downtime to get used to my new surroundings and decompress a little bit.  I just heard her talking on the phone that I am being neutered on Friday.  Geez I hope that means something good.  I guess I will find out Friday.  I will let you all know after I get home.  It’s really good to be out of that scary shelter and alive and I can’t wait to explore.  Stay tuned!!!

Laddy recovering from his surgery!

August 17th, 2019


Laddy here.  Well I found out real quick what neutering actually meant and although I would have preferred not to have surgery,  I actually feel pretty darn good.  Foster mom says I am recovering nicely.  The nice vet gave me a nail trim and cleaned my ears really good.  Of course I had a nice roll in the grass which is a favorite of mine.  I had to put the cone of shame on for a couple of days because I like to clean my incision and foster mom says that's not a good thing.  I now know not to do that anymore.  I saw that foster mom wrote this note to the rescue about what she thinks of me and I am so happy she feels this way because that is exactly who I am and I am very grateful to her and Jax's for saving my life and giving me a new life.  What's not to be happy about that?  Well I gotta go rest.  I heard that I am going to be available soon so keep checking our website to see when you can apply to adopt me!!! I cant wait to meet my new family.

Love Laddy!

Going on a vacation!!

September 5, 2019

Hey.  Laddy here!!

Well I have been in my foster home for about 3 weeks now and I am loving life.  I get to hang out with my two foster fur brothers.  This needs to be supervised of course because they want to make sure everyone gets along ok and so far so good.  I feel so much better than I did before when I was in the awful place.  My coat is super shiny and healthy and all my meals are delicious.  Foster mom is going on vacation this weekend and I get to go spend the week with my previous foster mom and hang out with them again.  I miss them so it will be fun to hang out with them while my foster mom gets to relax and enjoy her much deserved vacation.  I will be on vacation too, how cool is that?  Well I gotta go start packing for my trip.  TTYL



I am having a blast on my vacation.  I sure hope my foster mom is having as much fun on her vacation as I am!  I am hanging out with my buddy Pitrick and getting all the belly rubs I want.  I am getting spoiled as usual and I love sitting out on the porch and watching the neighborhood.  My temp. foster mom lets me sleep in bed with her and I love every second of it.  Cuddling is my favorite thing to do.  They should have an event in the Olympics for cuddling.  I would win the GOLD for sure!! Well I am going to go snuggle and hang out with my new buddy Pitrick.  Talk soon.

Love Laddy!!