You can’t change a dog’s past, but you could rewrite their future!



Maddison Leaves the mill forever!!


Hello everyone!!

My name is Madison and I am a puppy mill survivor! Like my friend Baby who came into Jax's rescue at the same time I have not had the best life but things are looking up!  After a long drive and a much needed bath I have arrived at my foster home.  Whew that was rough but I am already starting to feel better.  So during my bath foster mom tried to clean my ears and they were so infected she could not get in there to clean them.  My nails are so long too.  I have had a lot of babies in the past and I sure do miss them but I pray that they are not in the same situation that I was in.  Ok enough of the sad talk.  Life is good! Now! I met my new furry foster sisters, one is giant (great dane) and the other is a young little girl that has lots of energy, lol.  I do light up when I see the giant one.  She is scared and nervous just like me.  She helps me feel better.  No accidents in the house overnight I was a very good girl.  I did cry a little because I missed my people and fur friends but I heard them say that I will get to see them tomorrow. I cannot wait! I hear that I am heading to the vet in a couple of days so I will let you know how it goes.

Stay Tuned!
Love Maddy

Maddy’s first days in foster care!

Hello Big, Beautiful World!  I didn’t even know you existed.  My name is Madison and I have spent the last 4 years trapped in a Puppy Mill.  

In case you don’t know, puppy mills are scary, scary places for doggies like me!  I lived either in a cage or a cement floored kennel.  No one really paid me any attention.  I never had any medical care at all!  I never had my vaccinations.  My nails were never taken care of and were really, really long.  It made walking very painful.

But then the best thing ever happened!!  Just when I thought I would never have a better life, Jax’s Rescue saved me on Saturday.  When they picked me up I was very smelly.  My back was very sticky and covered in what was thought to be sap.  

But I knew the truth.  When my foster mommy and foster daddy were giving me my first bath ever, they realized that what they thought was sap was really dried blood all over my back!  I couldn’t tell them how I got the big booboo on my back but they could see the scar.  Foster mommy said words she said I’m not allowed to repeat!

I have been in my foster home since then and things are certainly looking up! I have two doggie foster sisters and one kitty foster sister.  I have no reaction to the cat at all.  I’m not like the puppy who never leaves the cat alone!  

These are the things I love about being with my foster family.  I get to sleep on soft beds.  I get to eat yummy, nutritious food.  I get medication to help with my ears, my paws, and my joints.  I get to go outside in the nice, soft grass when I need to go potty.  I like this so much that I haven’t had any accidents in the house.  My favorite part about this is that I get to pee on the other dogs’ pee because I like to be a bossy pants now that I have the chance!  But my really favorite thing of all is that I can sleep soundly now without any worries!  My foster family says my snoring is one of the cutest things about me!

Life here is good but I get tired out quickly since I get to move around and go up and down the steps and in and out of the house.  So that is all I have for right now as I can hear the dog bed calling my name.  But please keep checking back because as I get stronger and healthier, I will be looking for my Forever home!

Super Lucky to be Saved Madison

Maddy’s an EAGLES Fan!!
Hey there!  It’s me, Madison.  It has been 1 week since my whole life changed for the better.  I love it here in my foster home.  My foster family says I am the best dog they have ever fostered.  That makes me feel so good about myself.  Especially since no one ever said nice things to me before:-(  Speaking of my life before, my Foster Mommy found out this week I spent my previous years living outside in a big rabbit hutch!  Now I am in a nice warm home loving life:)

But I’m not looking back anymore, I’m only looking forward.  Like I said before, I love it here in my foster home.  I have not had any accidents.  At first, I would only eat my food off the floor.  But my FM is working on getting me to eat out of a bowl.  I am now eating most of my food out of a low-lipped pie tin.  Sometimes I eat all of my food out of it and sometimes my FM has to put the rest of it on the floor.  But I’m headed in the right direction!

Now that my feet are feeling so much better, and I’m eating yummy food twice a day, and get to run around with my foster sisters, I am starting to slim down.  I go to the vet again on 12/30 so I will get weighed again then.  No matter how much I weigh, I am certainly feeling better and am much happier!  I am getting better at keeping up with my foster sisters.  I don’t waddle as much as before and actually move at a much quicker pace.  My FM and FD laugh when I do this because, while I still can’t keep up with my foster sisters, I have a really cute trot that makes everyone smile.  I love following the puppy around and act like she is my baby.  As you can see in this picture, she looks like she could be one of my babies.

I sleep upstairs with the rest of my foster family and am a very good girl!  I sleep on a dog bed near my FD and I sleep all night long.  I have this adorable snore that everyone loves to hear!  I don’t get up on the bed, or any other furniture, but my foster family thinks that is more because I still need to slim down and I have only been on hip chews for 7 days.  My foster family is waiting for the day I jump up on the furniture but tell me I have to figure it out myself.

Guess what??? I love the EAGLES! Check out the pic of me watching the game.  Go EAGLES!! I also got a really nice gift from Jax's, check me out and my little foster sister opening it.

I guess that’s all for now.  If you are looking for the sweetest, friendliest, most laid back, easy going, adorable, yellow girl ever, you should probably keep up on my blog.  Once I get the all clear to get spayed and recover from that, I will be ready to find my forever home.

Chillin’ Like a Good Girl Madison

Maddy celebrates the Holidays!!!

December 28th, 2019

Well Christmas is over and so is Hanukkah.  This was my very first time that I have celebrated any holiday at all.  Wow was it cool.  I got some presents and lots of fuss made over me.  So here is what I have been up to in my foster home.

My Foster Family says I have really come out of my shell this week.  I still haven’t barked, but I get my point across anyway.  I no longer sleep in the laundry room and sleep upstairs with my FM and FD and my foster sisters.  I have also let them know that I don’t need to be in the laundry room when they are away.  So now I get to hang out with my foster sister, Angie.  My foster baby, Krimpet, still needs to stay in a crate when no one is home so I sometimes lay on the mattress near her crate so we can see each other.

Today my FM and FD found out that there isn’t ANY baby gate in the house that can stop me.  I thought I already explained that to them but I guess they didn’t listen.  I showed them baby gates won’t keep me in the laundry room.  I have also taught my FD that if I have to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night, I will just barrel down the baby gate in the hallway used to keep the puppy upstairs.  Today when they got home they found out just how strong I really am!  I finally figured out where the cat eats.  Even though there is a really tall baby gate in front of that room, there is a little cat opening at the bottom.  You know, an opening just big enough for my giant lab head.  Then all I had to do was yank backwards really hard and the whole thing came crashing down.  But don’t worry, it didn’t hurt at all and then I helped the kitty finish her food.  After all, if I have to eat all of my food when I get it, why should the cat get to have food out all the time?  I love that cat but does that sound fair to you?!

I have been to the vet and I am updated on all my vaccines and next visit I will get spayed and some lumps removed.  Sounds scary but foster mom assured me that it's not and I get to take a nap the whole time.  That is pretty cool!!  I love naps!!!





No more puppies for me!!!!



I am celebrating the new year knowing that I will not be used any more to make babies for people to sell.  I went to the vet and I got spayed and had some lumps removed.  Foster mom was right I did take a nap during the whole thing but I did wake up a little groggy and sore and I came home with this stupid thing on my head which as you can see if the video that I know exactly how to get that off and disguise it as playing with my foster sister.  LOL

maddy and krimpet


I am really coming along in my foster home.  I have mastered a lot of things but the most important is what it is like to be loved and treated like part of the family!! My foster family is amazing and I cannot wait to see where life's adventures take me next.   I need to go lay down now but I will be back.




Look at me now!!!!!!!!


Well I had my check up at the vet and got my stitches out and he said I look great.  Thanks to my amazing foster family I am now comfortable and out of pain and got lots of energy.  I am going up and down the steps and even snuck into their bed to sleep.  Foster mom did not mind at all, she loves seeing me act like a dog for the first time in my life.  Fostered mom and dad were a little worried about me because I was not eating well and after trying many different types of food they found one that I like.  If I could talk and they could have asked me what I like it would have saved them a lot of trouble, lol.  I have lost some weight which the doctor said I need anyway and I feel great!! My paws dont hurt any more and my ears feel good.  I like to rub my whole body all over the place.  It just feels so good to feel good, you know what I mean?  Check out some before and after pics of me!! Well I am going to go but I will be back soon.





January 28th, 2020

OMG, OMG, OMG everyone guess what??????? I have been adopted!!!!!!! Turns out all the charm I have been turning on finally worked and my foster family wants to be my furever family.  I am so excited and happy that I cant even believe I was living in a rabbit hutch just a few months ago to now being the queen of the castle.  I love my family so much and I am so glad that they decided they wanted me to stay.  I just wanted to share the good news with everyone and thank you to all of you that made it possible for me to find my new amazing life.

Love Maddy


Baby’s making babies days are over!!!


Hello I am Baby.  I am what you call a puppy mill survivor.  I am one of the lucky ones.  I am not going to start my new blog about my great new life with the gory details of my past but just know that it was not easy for me at all.  Fortunately for me Jax's saved me from my previous life as a breeder momma.  After a long drive and many awesome volunteers I have arrived at my foster home and let me tell you, it's amazing having all this attention.  First thing they did was give me a nice bath and I felt so good after that.  A girl needs some pampering you know?  Foster life is great and I have some fur sisters and brothers that I get to show me the ropes.  Foster mom and dad realized quickly that I am blind and need some help navigating my new surroundings.  I am picking up their ques really quickly.  I heard them saying that I will be going to the eye specialist soon to see if there is anything that can be done about my sight.  I am so grateful to have a nice warm home with lots of love and I can just tell that I am going to be a very happy girl.



Baby’s first night in foster care!


Baby did really well last night. Slept quietly in her crate. She is learning to find the food/water bowl, outside, her bedroom, the couch and the counter all on her own. She is also learning "careful" means large stationary item ahead, proceed with caution. Thanks Baby's confidence she is learning very quickly.

She’s getting around well and learning the lay of land, she barely bumps into anything anymore, she understands what “careful” and “step” means. She loves laying on the couch and now can get up and down by herself! Baby has an appointment tomorrow morning at Cares with the ophthalmologist to check her eye pressures to make sure she’s not uncomfortable. Stay tuned!!

Baby goes to the eye dr!


Hey everyone!!

Well I went to the eye dr. and she said that I am completely blind in my right eye and the eye is shrinking, yuk! My left eye has a cataract but because of my vision issues I need to have a special test done to determine if I can have surgery to possibly help my left eye.  Foster mom said I am really good in the car.  Of course Jax's is going to have the tests done because they want to do everything they possibly can to help me.  Well I really love my new foster home it is so much fun.  I have doggies to play with and people to pamper me, what more could you ask for?  Well I am going to go play, take a nap, get a butt rub, play some more and take another nap.  Life is hard in foster care!  Oh I almost forgot to tell everyone, I am seeing the regular vet soon too so I can get everything else checked out to make sure I am in tip top shape.

Bye for now!

Baby has good news!!!
Baby had a visit today from our mobile vet, House Paws. Baby was such a good patient for Dr. Dana. She was brought up to date on her vaccinations, examined from head to toe and blood was drawn to check her overall health. We want to make sure there is no underlying disease that could be causing her blindness. She weighed in at 81 pounds, the good news is she only needs to lose about 5 pounds. We will need to wait a few months to get her spayed because she came into heat. She loves to go for walks around the block and boy can she walk. She will lose those 5 pounds in no time.  She is learning so much in her new life.  Her tests results all came back normal so she is a healthy girl.  We are very excited that she got a clean bill of health yahoo!!!!!!
Baby the “Sea Turtle”


Hey there everyone it's me Baby!! I just talked to my friend Maddy and she told me she is doing great.  We came together from the puppy mill and went into to foster homes.  Even though we are not related I feel like she is my sister.  Here is what's going on in my world these days:

I am doing great. It's amazing how hard a blind dogs head can be. I almost mastered the lay of the house but when foster mommy forgets to push in her chair....clunk goes my head. But it doesn't even phase me, I just adjust my steps and keep moving. Foster mom and dad are pretty sure she I am mixed with sea turtle - they have the ability to stay grounded even in the moments of disturbance and chaos.  I am trying to lose a little weight but no success as of yet, but you know girl and a diet is never an easy thing.  Plus I was in heat and of course that makes it harder to lose weight. Foster mom and dad said I am scheduled for an eye test on Thursday Jan 23rd.  Something about possibly restoring my sight in the one eye.  Wouldn't that be amazing? Dont get me wrong I am very happy as I am but if I could see out of one of my eyes that would be awesome because I would love to see how cute and adorable all my foster fur siblings are.  I am sure they look better than they smell.  Hee Hee!! Dont tell them I said that.  Well I am going to go but I will be back soon and let you know how my Dr. Appt goes.  



My vet appointment!

January 28th, 2020

Hey everyone!!! I went to the eye doctor and although it was not great news, it's ok with me.  They cannot get my sight back at this point.  I have been like this at the mill for too long and there is no way to fix it.  Even though it's not great news I really am ok with it.  I get around just fine and I am very happy and playful.  I just use my nose more than ever now which is lots of fun.  Sometimes I bump into things but it's ok I just move on and remember not to do that again, lol.  I heard foster mom and dad say something about me getting spayed.  Once that is over with I can start looking for my new home.  Hopefully you are reading my blog at this moment and apply to adopt me.  I cannot wait to meet my new family.

I will keep you posted when I am ready for you to come and get me!!!

Love Baby



Meet Jack!


Hi my name is Jack! I am a one year old lab mix and I am rocking in my new foster home.  There must be royalty in my family somewhere because I sure know how to live like a king. I have been in my foster home for about 2 weeks now and I am working on my charm skills as we speak.  Foster mom says I love to cuddle and if she means that I love to lay in her lap and on top of my foster fur brothers then I guess I do love to cuddle.  Oh and guess what?  I thought I needed some pampering so I decided to jump in the tub with foster mom.  She thought it was funny I think?  So I am healthy, young, playful, sweet, house trained, crate trained, good with dogs, good with kids and a whole bunch more.  I would have to say that I am just about perfect what do you think?  Oh and I am an inventor of sorts.  I took my ball to the top of the steps and let it roll and down it went and I chased it.  So I can play fetch all by myself.  I am so independent:)

Talk to you soon




Meet the Marvelous Mulligan!!


Hi My Name is Mulligan and like the golf term I get a "do over".  My mom was selfless enough to realize that I was not doing well living in an apartment while she had to work so much so she decided to find me a new home.  Jax's decided to bring me in to a foster home and work on getting me my new home.  I do miss my mom, but I know she loves me and wants what is best for me.  Now the sad part is out of the way.  Well I am staying with a temporary foster home until Sunday and let me tell you it is really cool.  They have this huge back yard where I get to run around and have some fun.  I am about 4 years old and I am living with two cats and 3 dogs and a 4 year old boy who is pretty cool too.  The house is full of fun!! Foster mom says I have been an angel since the moment I got here and she is very proud of me.  She says I am such a good boy.  I am house trained and up to date now on all my vaccines and ready to party!! I am currently sleeping in my own bedroom which is really cool and I do not make a peep all night.  I love my dog bed and my blankie.  I love love love (did I say love?) to play fetch.  Tennis balls are my favorite and having a big back yard to play fetch in is a dream.  Watch my video of me playing right field.  Foster mom told me that I am heading out to other foster home on Sunday and she has a big back yard for me to play in as well.  I cant wait to meet her and I heard that she is excited to meet me too.  Stay tuned for more updates once I get to my new foster home on Sunday.  Cant wait to tell you the rest of my story and find my new family soon.

Love Mulligan (Mully for short) or Mull Mull (foster mom likes to give me lots of nick names)  They say that means you are really loved!!

mully playing fetch

I rolled into my new foster home today!!


Hello everyone!!

Today I left my temporary foster home to go to my other foster home.  My foster mommy was not quite ready for me so I got to stay with my temp foster mom.  Well my new foster mommy is super nice and she lets me up on the couch, LOL.  Oh and she has two couches and a big comfy chair so I am going to spend some time deciding which I like best for my afternoon naps.  She has an awesome big back yard that we play fetch in.  My first day and night here and all is great.  Foster mom just hung out with me and got to know me.  Things are going so well and foster mom left me in the house free roam for about an hour and I just laid on the couch and took a nap and waited for her to return.  Well she returned and I gave a little bark to let her know I was watching her house while she was gone.  Boy was I happy to see her.  Although I like my alone time, I love seeing her more and playing with my human friends. Well I am going to go hang out and hopefully play fetch soon!! Will be back later to let you know what I am up to.
Mulligan (Mully)

Guess What???? I found my furever family!!!

Well this is my last blog entry.  I will say that I will miss letting everyone know what I was up to but believe me my adventures are far from over.  I am happy to announce that I have been adopted and I love my new family so much.  They are kind and fun and I have two human siblings that I adore.  Thank you everyone for following my journey to my furever home, it's been so much fun.

Love Mulligan (Mully)


Hi my name is Laddy and here is my story so far:

Laddy… Timestamped!



July 27th, 2019

I am what you call a rescue dog and boy was I rescued at the last minute.  Whew that was a close one!!!  You see I was scheduled to be put to sleep in a scary shelter because they are so overcrowded and there are so many homeless dogs like me.  Jax’s took a chance on me and gave me a new lease on life.  I wish I could tell you more about my story other than I was found on the streets and someone took me to the scary shelter.  I was sick with a nasty respiratory infection and have some skin and ear issues going on.  Also my back leg looks like maybe it was broken and of course I know the story but unfortunately I cannot talk to let my rescuers know what happened to me but I am very happy that they found me.  I am being temporarily fostered with two very nice ladies because I am highly contagious and need to stay away from other pets to keep them healthy.  The good thing is I am the only dog in my foster home and I get very spoiled.  I will be moving to my new foster when I am all better. I am going go get spoiled now so I will talk to you later.

Getting Busy

July 30th, 2019

Laddy here! I have been very busy getting better and being spoiled.  My foster mom has been giving me lots of treats and I am taking all my meds like a good boy.  I am just hanging with my foster mom and getting better.

I met my neighbor’s dogs through a fence and I really want to play with them.  They keep staring at me.  I see lots of squirrels in the yard and the trees and they really get my attention if you know what I mean.

I go to the vet tomorrow, yikes!!  Wish me luck!

Went to the Vet

July 31st, 2019

Well I went to the vet and they gave me more meds for my doggy cold and checked me out head to tail.  I have some hair lost and some itchy skin so I heard I am coming home with some shampoo to help with that.  Other than that all looks good.  Can’t wait to have spa days twice a week and get shampooed.

Took a Bath

August 9th, 2019

Just got done taking a bath, not a huge fan but I tolerated it.  I thought it was going to be more like a spa treatment but oh well you got to do what you got to do.  I did get brushed and belly rubs when I was done so I guess that was pretty spa likeJ  Foster mom says I am a good listener and like to sit for treats.  I love going on my walks every day and seeing what is going on in the neighborhood.  I walk very well on the harness.  Foster mom noticed that my one back leg is a little crooked almost like it was broken.  Wish I could tell her what happened to it.  We will get it checked out the next time I go to the vet for this thing called neutering.  Not sure what that is but hopefully it doesn’t hurt.  I am all better now and leaving for my new foster home on Sunday.  Cannot wait to meet herJ

New Foster Mom

August 11th, 2019

Today I got to take a ride to my new foster mom’s house.  She has two dogs and a big fenced in yard for me to play in.  My meeting with the two other dogs went well.  I really didn’t pay much attention to them but was ok with them being around.  One is really big and the other is really small.  I am somewhere in the middle, lol.  Well I am going to go in and check out my new home and my  new yard and will be back to let you know how it goes.  Talk to you later!!

Getting Spoiled

August 13th, 2019

Ok so my new foster home is awesome too.  Like my last foster she is spoiling me and giving me cheese.  I love cheese.  She is trying to hide my pills in there but I am not dumb and I spit them out.  We are working out a way to get me to take these yucky pills.  I am pretty smart so she will need to come up with something better than cheese.  Don’t tell her I said that otherwise I won’t get any more cheese!

Boy was I tired last night. I slept through the night. Foster mom had to go to work today and leave me here so I get to stay in my own bedroom with the door closed.  I am not too fond of the crate just yet but she said she will try.  Maybe I can get used to it, we will see.  Foster mom has a dog walker coming in the middle of the day so I can get out and stretch my legs and go potty and of course get some yummy treats.  I really like her.  I like all the people I have met since getting out of jail.   The dog walker said I did really well today.    Foster mom came home from work and all was good in my room.  I was very happy to see her.  I am still being kept separate from her dogs until I have some downtime to get used to my new surroundings and decompress a little bit.  I just heard her talking on the phone that I am being neutered on Friday.  Geez I hope that means something good.  I guess I will find out Friday.  I will let you all know after I get home.  It’s really good to be out of that scary shelter and alive and I can’t wait to explore.  Stay tuned!!!

Laddy recovering from his surgery!

August 17th, 2019


Laddy here.  Well I found out real quick what neutering actually meant and although I would have preferred not to have surgery,  I actually feel pretty darn good.  Foster mom says I am recovering nicely.  The nice vet gave me a nail trim and cleaned my ears really good.  Of course I had a nice roll in the grass which is a favorite of mine.  I had to put the cone of shame on for a couple of days because I like to clean my incision and foster mom says that's not a good thing.  I now know not to do that anymore.  I saw that foster mom wrote this note to the rescue about what she thinks of me and I am so happy she feels this way because that is exactly who I am and I am very grateful to her and Jax's for saving my life and giving me a new life.  What's not to be happy about that?  Well I gotta go rest.  I heard that I am going to be available soon so keep checking our website to see when you can apply to adopt me!!! I cant wait to meet my new family.

Love Laddy!

Going on a vacation!!

September 5, 2019

Hey.  Laddy here!!

Well I have been in my foster home for about 3 weeks now and I am loving life.  I get to hang out with my two foster fur brothers.  This needs to be supervised of course because they want to make sure everyone gets along ok and so far so good.  I feel so much better than I did before when I was in the awful place.  My coat is super shiny and healthy and all my meals are delicious.  Foster mom is going on vacation this weekend and I get to go spend the week with my previous foster mom and hang out with them again.  I miss them so it will be fun to hang out with them while my foster mom gets to relax and enjoy her much deserved vacation.  I will be on vacation too, how cool is that?  Well I gotta go start packing for my trip.  TTYL


Vacation time!!!


I am having a blast on my vacation.  I sure hope my foster mom is having as much fun on her vacation as I am!  I am hanging out with my buddy Pitrick and getting all the belly rubs I want.  I am getting spoiled as usual and I love sitting out on the porch and watching the neighborhood.  My temp. foster mom lets me sleep in bed with her and I love every second of it.  Cuddling is my favorite thing to do.  They should have an event in the Olympics for cuddling.  I would win the GOLD for sure!! Well I am going to go snuggle and hang out with my new buddy Pitrick.  Talk soon.

Love Laddy!!

Laddy is back from vacation!!

September 15, 2019

Hey it's me Laddy,

I am home from my mini vacation and foster mom is back from her vacation.  Boy was I glad to see her.  Not that I did not have fun at my Aunt Erika's house, but it was good to see my foster mom and my two foster fur brothers.  Sometimes you just like to get back into your routine.  I had so much fun over Aunt Erika's.  We snuggled ALOT!! and we played and I hung out on the porch with my other furry friend Pitrick.  He's so cool to just hang out with and make sure the neighborhood is all good.  I ate well on my mini vacation and played really nice and was on my best behavior.  I met a cat and really had no reaction.  I was curious but that is because I never met one before. Oh and foster mom has a dog walker come in once a day to let me out and stretch my legs in the yard and go potty.  I really like her too.  I just love people and I am so grateful that they saved me and let me have this wonderful life.  I cannot wait to meet my forever family so I can settle in and live my best life!!!

TTYL Laddy!!


Laddy making an appearance this weekend


Oh Hey!!

Just wanted to let all my amazing followers know that I will be attending two events this weekend!! Yes two events and you can find the info on Jax's Facebook page.  I have been hangin with my foster mom and fur foster brothers and things are all good.  So good that I get to come out this weekend and meet my new family.  I am getting ahead of myself, but I just have such high hopes that my family is coming for me this weekend.  Foster mom is getting me all spruced up and ready to meet and charm everyone.   If your interested in meeting me, please stop out and lets do this.

Gotta go get my bath and get ready!

Here are the details of the events that Laddy will be attending.

Froelich's Farm Fall Festival
3143 York Rd. Fulong, Pa
🎃 Laddy will be there from 1:00 to 4:00 pm
Runnemede Fall Festival
26 East 2nd Ave. Runnemede NJ (Runnemede Fire Company)
🎃Laddy will be there from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm.

Love Laddy

I am on vacation again!!!


Well I am on vacation again!!! I needed a vacation after my appearances this past weekend.  Hard work being a foster dog sometimes.  My foster mom had to go away and I got to go away too.  Guess what??? I am staying with my very first foster home (who I stayed with the last time foster mom went out of town) and I Just love it here.  Vacation is the best!! I get to see my friend Pitrick (her dog) and we can to hang out on the porch like old times.  Jax's asked my original foster mom if she could watch me again and she did not hesitate.  She adores me and who could blame her?  Well I wanted to let you know what I was up to and I will let you  know how my vacation goes when I return.



I am back!!!

January 7th, 2020


HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!!Laddy here and I almost got adopted:(  I was matched and went to my new home but it was not a good fit for me so I am back at my awesome foster moms house with my two foster fur brothers.  Foster mom says it was like I never left.  Well I am looking for my new home again and I really would love to find it soon.  Since I  have been back I have had some skin issues (reoccurring) and an ear infection that hurts really bad.  I went to the vet and they put meds in my ear and it sure does feel better.  I am back on my good food and my skin is all cleared up again.  I have allergies so I have to watch what I eat.  Well I am going to go play and eat and play some more but if your looking for an amazing guy then please apply to adopt me!  My new years resolution is to find my new family with my good looks and all my charm!!!!



Laddy’s Trip to the Vet

January 27th, 2020

Hey Everyone!!

I had to go back to the vet again for my allergies.  The doc made some serum for me to take to hopefully get rid of my allergies.  I have to get shots every three days for now to see how it works.  Foster mom was a trooper and learned how to give me the shots and I was such a good boy for her and the doc.  I am still just hanging with my foster brothers and my foster mom being the awesome boy that I am waiting for my family to come and take me home.  I hope you are out there and come get me soon.  I love my foster home but my furever home would be awfully nice.

Well I guess I will see you later and hopefully the next time I write in my blog it will be to tell you that my family has come to get me:)




Welcome to Lily’s Blog

Welcome to Jax’s our Super Hero Lily!!

September 13th, 2019

Hello it's Lily Jax's new super hero!!  I was living in a pet store in Queens NY and no one wanted me.  I know probably breaking your heart but it's all good.  I am in a warm loving foster home now and I am only 7 months old so I will forget all about my past life, in fact I have already.  I am sure that my eyes have something to do with me not having a family yet, but foster mom and Jax's thinks I am the most beautiful girl they have ever seen so let's go with it.  I am a special girl, full of life and love to play with my two foster siblings.  Foster mom and dad have  swimming pool and I love love love to swim.

My first official update from my foster parents:

Lily's first full day update
Lily paced a lot last night, I think it was most likely her first night in her new foster home. Today we made great progress going in and out thru the back door. Her and her foster sister Hope, to play and rough house. Her foster brother DiMaggio is 10 years old and more laid back. He does take kisses from lily though. Lily has discovered that belly rubs are swell. We are working on her acknowledging her name. And the sit command . She is very interested in what's going on the kitchen counter tops. She has been eating well, and she is learning what treats are. She took a ride in the car and was very good in the car.

Ok I have to go save someone or something I am sure.  I will be back soon!!!

Love Lily

I am a good helper!!


Lily here!!! Just checking in.  I am using my super powers to help foster mom water the plants.  I guess I gotta earn my keep since she gave me such a wonderful home to live in.  Oh and I forgot in my last update that I have an appointment with the vet on Friday 9/20/19.  Cant wait, NOT!!! Hopefully they can give us some information on my mask around my eyes, but dont tell foster mom and dad that I kinda like my mask.  It makes me look cool.


Lily is almost ready for adoption!!


Hi Everyone!!

I just heard from my foster mom that I am going to be available for adoption soon.  I am so excited that I cannot help but run around and do my happy dance!! I have had a long road and a battle with a nasty tummy but it's getting better and I am almost done my medication.  The hair around my eyes is looking better and better so I don't know how long I will be able to use the "Super Hero" thing but everyone in Jax's thinks I am a super hero no matter what.  I have been learning some commands and just playing all day with my foster sister Hope who was also a Jax's dog.  Bet you didn't know that one huh?  Yeah she is awesome and about the same age as me and loves to play as much as I do.  Here is a pic of us two snuggling.  Keep following me to find out when I will be available to meet my furever family.  I know you are super excited to find that out and it wont be long.

Love Ya Lily!!