NFL Survivor Pool


Jax’s NFL Survivor Pool

  • $20 (Half to Jax’s)
  • You pick one team to win each week. If they lose, you are eliminated (you will be able to buy back in during the first 4 weeks of the season). If they win, you cannot use that team again. You must get your pick in by the weekly deadline – before the first game each Sunday. Early games must be picked before they start. All picks will be hidden until the game has begun (for early games) or the until the first game on Sunday. Winner will receive half the pot. Good luck to everyone.
  • If you get eliminated during the first 4 weeks and would like to pay another $20 to buy your way back in, please send me an email and pay the $20 via Once payment has been received, we will revive your entry. Again, this is ONLY for the first 4 weeks. All money will be put into the pot and split between the rescue and winner!

To register, visit



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All My Children Have Paws Magnet $5.00
Plain White Paw Print Magnet $5.00
I Love My Lab Magnet $5.00
I Love My Granddogs $5.00
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I Love My Yellow Lab Magnet $5.00
No More Games, Vote Dog $5.00
Who Rescued Who Paw Magnet $5.00
LOVE Magnet – Hot Pink $5.00
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Love Mini Paw Magnets 6pk $5.00
LOVE Magnet – White $5.00
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My Rescue Dog Rescued Me $5.00
I Love My Lab Bone Magnet $5.00
Heartbeat Oval Magnet $5.00